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The ceremony marks the start of Home Country, a play that takes place entirely in a multi-level car park, with storytelling juxtaposed against manmade concrete. According to the 2011 Australian census, 32% of people in greater Blacktown are from countries where English is not their first language. Set in an urban centre with more than 180 different nationalities, the performance asks: who can call Australia home? "It's a conversation that we think we should be having as a country. And we're really well placed in western Sydney to have that conversation," says director Rosie Dennis of the Sydney Festival world premiere, a joint Urban Theatre Project (UTP) and Blacktown Arts Centre production. Shunning an elite setting Located around 35km (28 miles) from Sydney's central business district, Blacktown has more than double the New South Wales state average for murders and triple the number of robberies. Yet Home Country wants to reach out to the local population by slashing prices for residents, who pay just A$20 (12; $15) instead of the usual A$59 ticket price. It also seeks to take theatre out of elite buildings into everyday spaces - in this case, the car park. Image copyright Joshua Morris Image caption Musicians Kween G, Mohammed Lelo and James Tawadros Image copyright Home Country Image caption Actors Danny Elacci and Nancy Dennis in the show, which happens as the sun sets "We're looking at multiple perspectives and waves of migration, as well as traditional custodians of the land," says Dennis. "Each work is stand-alone.

In the sneak peek for Faux Money, Maux Problems, the couple heads to a winery without their friends. While tasting wines, Toby seems to enjoyhis drink a little too much, whileHappy tries to stop him from going back to his old ways by encouraging him to walk around the venue. Happy tells Toby that the winery could be a wonderful place for their wedding, and Toby immediately agrees. Other than Happy and Tobys wedding plans , Season 3, episode 13 will also feature the return of Paiges (Katharine McPhee) mom, Veronica (Lea Thompson). In another sneak peek , a surprised Sylvester (Ari Stidham) welcomes Veronica toTeam Scorpions headquarters. Toby asks Veronica why shes in town and whether or not she just ran away from another deal. Veronica laughs off Tobys comments and told them that shes just in town for a few more days. Related Stories Scorpion Season 3, Episode 13 To Be Delayed Due To CBS Series' Possible Cancellation? Veronica looks for Paige, but Cabe (Robert Patrick) tells her that Paige dropped her grandson off at school. The mother-daughter duo separated in Season 3, episode 9 after Veronica left without saying goodbye to Paige.

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