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Owner Chad Scoular says, "Some of these machines you know, 30's, 40's. They don't make em new, you can buy parts for them but they're all machine parts and they are expensive to get fixed." And sometimes those antiquish machines can get a bit persnickety Scoular says, "You gotta just pat it and talk to it real nice every time you use it you know. Clean her up, put a little oil on her and if she doesn't want to play nice that day, you just do something else." And as shoes become increasingly cheaper and disposable, shoe shops across America are shutting off their machines and closing their doors, but here, in ranch country, this shop get's a steady supply of work. "Our #1 thing would be cowboy boots. You know we resole probably around 1-thousand pair a year," Chad says. Turns out Chad is no stranger to cowboy boots Owner Chad Scoular says, "I grew up basically rodeoing from a little kid, all the way up through college, professional," He says, "And then I rode saddle broncs in college than professionally." During college, Chad worked in this very shop, and after graduation he pursued other options. Bob's Shoe Repair was a family business for the Wessel family for more than 6 decades. Owner Chad Scoular says, "It was started by Bob Senior when he got out of World War Two, and the sign says 1946 and he ran it until he passed away when he was 51 years old." His son, Bob Wessel, Junior and his wife took over, running it Chad says, for 35 years, until Bob, Junior passed away. Chad was working elsewhere. Chad says "I mean I worked with him. He was a friend.

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