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According to police, the ring includes as many as 15 people, many of whom are related, that all live in a home in a new Katy subdivision. "The whole family's involved. I mean, they're cousins, aunts, uncles, grandmothers. What's really tragic is that they're involving their young children, too," said Hedwig Village officer Terry Wu. Wu says the family's tactics are specialized -- they don't go after flashy designer handbags or high-end clothes, they target comforters and bedding. Police say some members of the group will steal an item from the sales floor and then return it at the customer service desk. "If they get confronted at the counter, they just get aggressive with the cashier, throw a tantrum or, you know, basically just force their way," Wu added. The crew has figured out how to get cash from their returns, according to investigators, but police do not want that information released. Kendall Taylor-Turner was arrested in December for theft, and two other women were charged with evading police. "This has been going on for a while, and they're just getting more brazen about it," Wu said.

state to allow workers the right to work in union-represented shops and receive union-negotiated benefits without paying dues to the representing body. Republican lawmakers in a handful of states have passed similar so called "right-to-work" and anti-union laws in recent years. Supporters say the measures spur economic growth while opponents cast the laws as assaults on organized labor and blue-collar workers that limit union revenues. The effort to pass the legislation in Kentucky came two months after Republicans won control of the state's General Assembly for the first time since 1921. Republicans now control both chambers in the state's legislature and the governor's office. A Kentucky Senate committee on Friday passed the "right-to-work" bill, sending it to the full Senate, which passed it during a rare Saturday session. "I personally have no problem with an individual opting to be part of a labor union ... but government shouldn't stand in the way of someone who opts not to join a union," said Speaker of the House Jeff Hoover in a statement earlier this week. It is widely expected that Republican Governor Matt Bevin will sign the bill into law in the coming days.