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A worker carries a box with ballots during preparations for the second round of an election for Jakarta Kartika Wirjoatmodjo, chief executive officer of the country's largest state bank, Bank Mandiri, said in an interview that whoever won "we (should) make sure it doesn't affect any of the long-term policies, especially on the openness and ... ease of doing business and attracting investment." Purnama, who replaced Widodo in 2014 as Jakarta governor after serving as his deputy, saw his popularity soar as he tackled decrepit infrastructure, chronic flooding and endemic corruption in the traffic-clogged city of over 10 million. His support plunged after an edited video circulated last September suggesting Purnama had mocked a verse in the Koran used by his opponents to argue Muslims should not vote for a person holding different religious beliefs. Amid two rallies last year that drew hundreds of thousands of protesters, Purnama was charged with blasphemy, forcing him to make regular appearances in court during the campaign. The hardline Islamists behind the rallies - led by the Islamic Defenders Front (FPI), a group known for attacks on religious minorities and extorting money from nightclubs -were cultivated by Purnama's rivals. Baswedan was accused of betraying his moderate Islamic roots when he met and sang with FPI leader Habib Rizieq, who was twice imprisoned for inciting violence in 2003 and 2008. Purnama recovered to win the first round on Feb. 15 with 43 percent of the vote, compared to 40 percent for Baswedan and 17 percent for Agus Yudhoyono, son of former president Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono, who drew support from conservative Muslims. CHINESE PLOTS The FPI was among groups circulating hoax news stories on social media during the campaign of a pending invasion of Chinese workers and Chinese plots to decimate Indonesia's crops with contaminated chili The FPI has vowed to stage further protests and a "revolution" if Purnama wins, according to flyers circulated by the group.

And some living in the area found her, which is where this tale of a small community lending a helping hand begins . Psst Lets Make a Development Deal! Its a secret practice that goes back decades in Los Angeles: developers and homeowner groups cutting confidential deals so that projects can move forward. In certain parts of the city, unless you budget $1 million-plus for secret legal settlements, you shouldnt even start a project , says one developer. But is it hush money or a necessary tool for protecting communities? A dust-up in Culver City over parking is putting the issue in focus. CALIFORNIA -- The race to succeed Xavier Becerra in representing L.A.s 34th Congressional District will go to a run-off June 6. -- The Trump administration has eased the way for a project to take Mojave Desert groundwater and sell it to Southern California. Obamas team had blocked it.

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