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"The Vietnam War, everyone thinks of what happened in Vietnam," she said. "But nobody thinks about what happened in Laos." Homsombath, 30, helps Lao-Americans find jobs and housing in Minnesota. She said her heart is both American and Lao. "I'm proud to be both," she said. She hopes Obama's visit will educate more Americans about relations between the two countries and their shared history. It's a history that Mysee Chang of Mounds View is still learning. She is 25 years old and ethnically Hmong. Mysee Chang, far left, spent a year in Laos as a Fulbright Fellow, teaching English to Lao students in 2014.Courtesy of Mysee Chang "For President Obama to go to Laos and to talk about what the history was ... it just means a lot to me as a Hmong-American," she said. "It really validates my family's history." Her father was among the tens of thousands สมเด็จนางพญา ทำบุญ of foot soldiers in the CIA's lesser-known operations in Laos.

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